November 2022, MV Carbon and Charlemagne Palestine:
Liquiddd Changesss Charlemagne Palestine and MV Carbon (LP + digital) 5 Rue Christine (US) 

2022, MV Carbon and Aki Onda:

Erased Gaze (cassette, digital release) Shinkoyo Records (US) 2022

MV Carbon Solo :

Horizons on our Back  (lathe cut LP + digital release) Various Artists (US) 2021

Cat on Fence (cassette released on NYC Liminal Series) Chaikin Records (US) 2020

Spill To the Ground (cassette released on NYC Liminal Series) Chaikin Records (US) 2020

Reflect Sideways (cassette released on NYC Liminal Series) Chaikin Records (US) 2020

Striatum  (digital release) Dia Art Foundation Artist playlist series 2020

Eye of the Epidemic (digital release) MV Carbon 2020

The Passing (digital release) MV Carbon 2020

Starecase (digital release) Coven (SE) 2018

The Sun Will Turn on You (LP and digital release)  Discombobulate  (UK) 2015

The Dislodged Perihelion (LP)  Ecstatic Peace  (US) 2011

The Shaft (cassette) Period Tapes (US) 2011

MV Carbon and Tony Conrad

Headwaters (CDR) 2008

Metalux (MV Carbon, Jenny Gräf Sheppard,  joined briefly by Twig Harper, Jeff Fisher, and Mike Young)

Paw the Elated Ruin (cassette) Obsolete Units (US) 2013 

1002 Cool Nights  (digital release) Self released (US) 2009

 Carlos Giffoni / Metalux(LP) No Fun Productions (US) 2006

Metalux & John Wiese – Exoteric (CD, LP)  Load Records  (US) 2006

Victim Of Space  (CD, LP, digital releasee) 5 Rue Christine (US) 2005

Evil Moisture / Metalux (LP) Veglia (BE) 2005

Waiting For Armadillo  (CD, LP) Load Records (US) 2004

Fluorescent Towers (CD, LP)Hanson Records (US) 2001 

Negative Capacity (CDr, LP ) self released (US) 1998

Live at First Base  (CDr, EP)  2004

Czar Rust Repair (Acetate, S/Sided, 10″) Endless series 2007

Wolf Eyes / Metalux (Cassette) 2005

Metalux III  (CDr)

Bride of No No (Jenny Gräf Sheppard, MV Carbon, Azita Youssefi, Shannon Morrow, Jennifer Kienzler)

B.O.N.N. Apétit! (CD, LP) Atavistic Records 2000

II  (CD, LP)  Atavistic Records 2003