Hare Nor Theirs

Hare Nor Theirs centers on five hybrid depictions of a species existing in enchanted decline as nature hovers and spills; fusing through consumption and stealth. Entities recapitulate figure and framework; objects among objects. 

Tomato Mouse (NY)
November 5- December 4, 2021

Food Chain 66”L X 59”H
Telepathy in the Wings of Birth   62”L X 62”H
Sadistic Nature and Innocence 62”L X 52”H
Hunter Gatherer 50”L X 96”H
The Disappearing Act


As It Is

As It Is spins on the morphology of human consciousness translated through technological perception.
As the Sundial spins, data transmits formulaic dialog through yellow sonic pyramids.  

Knockdown Center (NY), June 1-7, 2016. 




Obelisk, a duration piece taking place over a period of four hours. The act of acoustic levitation is achieved during this time.
Knockdown Center (NY) April, 2012


Beyond The Dimensional Slope

Clocktower Gallery, NY, 2013



IDIO Gallery, NY, 2016