Metalux is MV Carbon and J. Graf 

Operating under the creativeness of esteemed avant-navigators, MV Carbon and J. Gräf, Metalux is  responsible for some of the most distinctly unusual experimental music of the past decade.  Ever since banding together, the band’s numerous recorded and live works have rendered a suitable explanation of all that encompasses their vanguard productions.  The disjointedly colliding yet ingeniously intersecting torrents of homemade electronics, tape delay, blaring riffs relayed via both guitar and synth, and subsonic rhythms are all masterfully rendered into a peculiarly riveting design which only Carbon and Gräf seem to hold the secret to.  While potentially resembling some of the mechanization of accustomed song-forms, Metalux’s inventive abstraction carries the finished exclamations past whatever barriers divide familiarity and innovation.  Metalux has 27 releases including LPs on Hanson, Load, 5rc, Rescipiscent and Veglia, and self-released limited edition pieces.                       

thanks to Paul Haney for text contribution.

[Paw the Elated Ruin(Cassette)

Obsolete Units 2013
1002 Cool Nights(CDr)
BlackholeRecords 2009
 Carlos Giffoni / Metalux ‎ (LP, Ltd)
No Fun Productions 2006
Metalux & John Wiese – Exoteric ‎ (CD, Album, Ltd) 

Load Records

Victim Of Space (2 versions)   


5 Rue Christine 2005
Evil Moisture / Metalux – Split ‎
(LP) Veglia 2005
Waiting For Armadillo  (2 versions)

Load Records

Load Records 2004
Fluorescent Towers  (2 versions)
 J. Graf, MV Carbon and Twig Harper
Hanson Records 2001
Negative Capacity(CDr,Album)
BlackholeRecords 1998

Singles & EPs

Live at First Base  (CDr, EP,LivE)
Czar Rust Repair (Acetate, S/Sided, 10″) Endleseries
Wolf Eyes / Metalux – Untitled ‎ (Cass)
Metalux III  (CDr)
self released-2000