Long Range-Order and the Telekinesisyth 

May 13, 2015

The virtual and physical dimensions intersect.

Act One: Speed Dial and the Cellar Door (28:00 minutes)

A composition written for piano, processed piano, electronics, tape loops, voice and rotary telephones.

The premiere of this piece was performed by MV Carbon as the “operator”(electronics, tape machines, piano processing, and voice) and Emily Manzo (piano).

Act Two: The Telekinetic Grip

A mediated experience which intersects the virtual and the actual.
The act is comprised of a performance of a composition written for holographic cello, guzheng and electronics.

This composition will be performed by MV Carbon (amplified zither, electronics) and Violet Raid (holographic cello).

“Violet Raid” who exists in the virtual world, enters the stage through a Pepper’s ghost portal and plays a duo with Carbon .


this project was made possible with support from Jerome Foundation

If we Could See Out the Tomb

premiere March 17, 2012