Long Range-Order and the Telekinesisyth 

May 13, 2015

Long Range-Order and the Telekinesisynth

Act One: Speed Dial and the Cellar Door 

piano, samples, answering machine, processed piano, oscillators, tape loops, voice, rotary phones, live cell phone conversation.

(03:02 excerpt from full 28:00)

 MV Carbon as the “operator” (samples, answering machines, processed piano, oscillators, tape loops, voice, cell phone, and rotary telephones.) and Emily Manzo (piano).

Act Two: The Telekinetic Grip

amplified strings, electronics, holographic projection, processed video feed.

The virtual and physical dimensions intersect. A mediated experience which intersects the virtual and the actual.
written for holographic cello, amplified strings, oscillators, vintage microphones, live internet feeds.