Performances Captured

Horizons on Our Back. Record release show, rooftop of Swiss Institute, NYC, 10/14/21.

Notions Sieve Like Gold. Avalon Lounge, Catskill, NY, 05/06/22.

Angels Broke in. Avalon Lounge, Catskill, NY, 05/06/22.

Vanishing Incidents. Roulette Intermedium, NY, 12/15/20.

Quarantine Concerts, livestream, ESS, Chicago, 05/24/20,

Long Range Order and the Telekinesisynth. Roulette Intermedium, NY, 05/13/15.

The Quarky Leptonic. The Kitchen, NYC, 03/22/17.

Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden, 05/13/09.

Shattered Patterns, MOMA PS1, NY, 2010.

MV Carbon and Tony Conrad, MOCAD, Detroit, 2007.

MV Carbon and Aki Onda, Issue Project Room, NY, 2010.