April 16th
Oberlin College with Zach Layton
March 24
play Lea’s score  with her Quad Cello-manipulated live by Tommy Martinez
 February 24th
The Museum of Morbid Anatomy, NY
live score to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery, Stony Brook University, NY- Resonant Structures Group Show
HARVESTWORKS, NY, NY, Quadraphonic cello-Lea Bertucci in collaboration with MV Carbon and Tommy Martinez
Roulette, NYC, with Ursula Scherrer and Shelley Hirsch
EI Performance Series, NYC, with Richard Garet
MICROSOPE GALLERY, NYC, Audio-Visual collaboration with Michelle Handelman and Brock Monroe.
 The Museum of Morbid Anatomy, NYC, live score  performed to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
The Stone, NYC, with Mario Diaz de Leon
Fridman Gallery, NYC
Stadslimiet, Antwerp, Belgium, with Metalux
Studio Chanslös- Gothenburg, Sweden, with Metalux
EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm, Sweden, Composer Residency
Kägelbanan,  Stockholm Sweden, with Liturgy
Ende Tymes Festival, NYC, with Metalux
Roulette, NYC, Long Range-Order and the Telekinesisynth
Greene Naftali Gallery, NYC, “Tony Conrad’s 75th Birthday”, with Dan Conrad
Fridman Gallery, NYC, Permeable Rites, with Richard Garet
Invisible Exports, NY
Botanica, group show
Film-Maker’s Coop Benefit, NY
Sound/Source, Moma PS1, NY, with Lesley Flannigan, Maria Chavez and MV Carbon
Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA
Fields Festival, Baltimore, MD, with Metalux
Socrates Sculpture Park, NY, with Lesley Flannigan, Maria Chavez and MV Carbon
Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK
Audacious Space, Sheffield, UK
Fuse Art Space, Bradford, UK
The Hotspur Press, Manchester, UK
The Drippy Cave, Edinburgh, UK
New Castle, UK
Treize, Paris, France
Cafe Oto, London, UK
Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark, with Metalux
Ende Tymes Festival, NY, with MV Carbon and Bill Nace
Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY, with MV Carbon Phillip White
Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY
Mick Barr / Vampilia (Japan) / Kevin Hufnagel / MV Carbon
Grace Exhibition Space, NY
Eighth White Columns Annual, NY, NY, with Maria Chavez, Lesley Flannigan
285 Kent Ave, NY. with Wolf Eyes / Noveller / Alberich / MV Carbon / Lussuria / Sugarm
Beyond the Dimensional Slope, Clocktower Gallery, NY – Artist in Residency
Swedish Energies, Issue Project Room, NY, with Henrik Rylander
Volumes for Sound, Zabludowicz Collection, NY – with Lesley Flannigan and Maria Chavez
String Theories,  Issue Project Room and The String Orchestra of Brooklyn
 If we Could see Out the Tomb, new composer commission
Dia Art Center, NYC – with Tony Conrad
Obelisk, Knockdown Center, NYC – site specific installation
Precognition, New York University, ITP Winter Show
Lettered Address, The Swiss Institute, NY- with MPA
Harvestworks, NY – with Lesley Flanigan and Maria Chavez
The Kitchen, NY- with Bradley Eros and friends
The Stone, NYC
Roulette, NYC
Performa 2011, Clemente Soto Velez, NYC
Guggenheim BMW Lab, NYC
Cinema 16, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY – 3 month Artist in Residence
Shattered Patterns, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, NY
The Drone People, Nefertiti Jazz Club, Sweden Kulturbolaget, Sweden
Play the Building, Maritime Building, NY, cello performance in David Byrne’s sound installation
The Tate Modern, London, UK, Tony Conrad: Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective, cello performance
Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, MA,  with Tony Conrad
High Zero Festival, Baltimore, MD – with Tony Conrad
Café Oto, London, UK
Copenhagen Music Theater-Copenhagen, Denmark – with Tony Conrad
RIXC, Latvia, Riga – with Tony Conrad
Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, MI – with Tony Conrad
Tesla, Berlin, Germany
 Tony Conrad’s Forty Five years on the Infinite Plain (1972-2007), cello performance
Argos/ Bozar- Belgium, Brussels, Tony Conrad’s Forty Five years on the Infinite Plain, cello performance
Sonic Circuits, Washington, DC, with Tony Conrad
Tryptych Festival, UK, Free Noise tour
The Point- Cardiff, UK,  Free Noise tour
The Sage, Gateshead, UK,  Free Noise tour
Wardrobe, Leeds, UK,  Free Noise tour
Arnolfi, Bristol, UK, Free Noise tour
ULU,London, UK,  Free Noise tour
Extrapool- Nimegen, Holland, Metalux
Worm, Rotterdam, Holland,  Metalux
Zedosbois-Lisbon, Portugal,  Metalux
Casa des Artes, Familicao, Portugal, Metalux
No Fun Fest, NY, Metalux,
Roulette, NY
Solo Show Solo Soul, Vedanta Gallery – Chicago, IL, curated by Chris Johanson, Metalux
Fear Implantation Vapor Theory, Screening at Chicago Underground Film Festival
Department of Cultural Affairs, Chicago, IL, Community Arts Assistance Program
Media Convergence on the future of the Digital Commons, Museum of Cont. Art -Chicago, IL, Metalux
All Tomorrow’s Parties, UCLA- CA, Bride of No No
 Doc Films, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, The Bridge, 16mm film