MV Carbon is recognized for her non traditional approach to music. Her work is comprised of performance, multi- media installation, and sound.  She creates environments with sculptural objects, video, and speakers.  Her work explores pyschoacoustics, cymatics, neuroacoustics, communication, and aural iconography. She creates soundtracks with amplified objects, stringed instruments, gongs, magnetic tape, electronics and hand crafted instruments. Her live performances are often accompanied with a cinematic aspect.  Her intention is to provoke an extrasensory awareness through the use of sound and space. She endorses a fluid exchange with the spectator and often calls for interaction. Her work aims to transcend limitations and contrives an ongoing sense of attainability.  She currently explores the physicality and  interchangeability of architectural space, the human mechanism, perceptive states of consciousness, and the empirical force of nature.

Carbon has done residencies at Q-02(BR), EMS (SE), Issue Project Room (NY), The Clockower Gallery (NY), and Roulette, (NY).  She has composed work for The String Orchestra of and has performed at spaces including The Kitchen (NYC), The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY), PS1-MoMA (NY), The Guggenheim BMW Lab (NY), The Copenhagen Music Theater (DK), ULU (UK), Nefertiti Jazz Club (SE), Socrates Sculpture Park (NY), The Stone (NY), Performa (NY), Roulette NY), The Sage (UK), Casa Des Artes, (PT), Worm (NL), The Tate Modern (UK), and many more!

Carbon has collaborated with many artists including: Aki Onda, Audrey Chen, Brian Chase, Spencer Yeh, Carlos Giffoni, Charlemagne Palestine, Evan Parker, Henrik Rylander, J Gräf, John Edwards, John Wiese, Lary 7, Lea Bertucci, Lesley Flanigan, Maria Chavez, Mario Diaz de Leon, Nick Zinner, Okkyung Lee, Shahin Motia, Shelly Hirsch, Tony Conrad, Tristan Perich, Twig Harper, Victoria Keddie, Zach Layton, and many more…

She has solo LP releases on Ecstatic Peace (2010), and Discomboulate (2016).

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