MV Carbon is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on media manipulation, sound morphology, and the transformative interrelationship between sound, image, space, and place. Carbon’s music unravels lucid abstractions, weaving dreams into tangibility. Carbon forms soundtracks with amplified objects, voice, electric cello, magnetic tape, oscillators, keyboards, and field recordings, addressing psychological feedback through poetry, music, and performance. Sculptural objects function as musical instruments, amplifying the ritual, rhythm, and momentum embedded in music. Carbon taps into the mystery of the human mechanism, exploring themes such as interchangeability, regeneration, and the transmogrification of mind and matter. Carbon interprets sound as an organism which has the ability to heighten our senses. Carbon has been awarded residencies at Clocktower Gallery (NY), EMS Elektronmusikstudion (SE), Issue Project Room (NY), Koncertkirken (DK), Pioneer Works (NY), Q02 (BE)  Roulette (NY), The String Orchestra of Brooklyn and (NY) Zebulon (CA); has exhibited multimedia environments, and films, including solo exhibitions at Tomato Mouse Gallery (NYC), IDIO Gallery (NYC), and Heliopolis (NYC), amongst a variety of group exhibitions and screenings including Cafe Otto (UK), D’Amelio Gallery (NY), Essex Flowers (NY), Knockdown Center (NY), Fridman Gallery (NY), Louis V.E.S.P. (NY), Microscope Gallery (NY), and Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery (NY); has solo/ and or collaborative projects released on record labels including 5RC, Atavistic Records, Discombobulate, Ecstatic Peace, Chaikin Records, Hanson, Load Records, No Fun Productions, Various Artists, and Veglia; has composed soundtracks for The String Orchestra of Brooklyn, as well as composing and producing soundtracks for a variety of independent films; has formed bands HEVM, Metalux, Bad Faces, Body Types, and Bride of No No, and has collaborated with a multitude of amazing artists including Aki Onda, Brian Chase, C. Spencer Yeh, Bradley Eros, Zach Layton, Charlemagne Palestine, Evan Parker, Eve Essex, Hunter Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix, Jenny Gräf Sheppard, Ka Baird, Lary 7, Okkyung Lee, Shelley Hirsch, Tony Conrad, Twig Harper, and Wolf Eyes.


photo by Soleil Garneau