MV Carbon is a multi-disciplinary artist encompassing live performance, sound, film, sculpture, painting, and multi-media installation.

Her music is vitalized by the space it is created in. Reverberation and re-amplification accentuate the physical characteristics of the live space. Dense orchestrations are formed with tape loops and instrumental layers, and delicately blended within the shifting parameters of the live mix. Electric cello meticulously flows through a chain of effects. Rhythmic backgrounds are created with amplified vessels, gongs, and handmade instruments, struck with sculpted tools, magnifying the ritual embedded within music making.

Carbon is interested in assembling a fine blend of intensity and tranquility. Sonic trajectories are leveled with elements of pure tone.  Structure is established then shifts, allowing the composition to metamorphosize.  Rhythm and emotion weave and unravel, devising a sonic experience to remember.

Carbon’s cello techniques are drawn from an experimental background, tapping into the conceptual and psychological aspects of music making.