MV Carbon is a Brooklyn based inter-disciplinary artist, and musician Her work encompasses live performance, sound, video, film, sculpture, recorded music, and multi-media installation. She gathers field recordings and uses them to re-create sonic environments. She also creates sound with hand built instruments, electric cello, amplified objects, circuits, synthesizers, reel to reel tape machines, and voice. Her work explores interchangeability, electronic intelligence, the human mechanism, perceptive states of consciousness,  and the empirical force of nature. She is interested in the psychological effect of sound and works to heighten our potential for “hearing”  through spatial, psychic, and temporal based explorations.

Carbon is currently part of music ensembles HEVM, and Metalux. Past collaborations include Aki Onda, Azita Youssefi, C. Spencer Yeh, Charlemagne Palestine, Evan Parker, Lesley Flanigan, Maria Chavez, Mario Diaz de Leon, Okkyung Lee, Richard Garet,  Shelley Hirsch, Tony Conrad, Tristan Perich Wolf Eyes, and Zach Layton.  She co-founded West Nile, a DIY performance space in Brooklyn from 2006-2012, which hosted sound artists spanning the world. She has done residencies at Q-02 (BR), EMS (SE), Issue Project Room (NY), The Clocktower Gallery (NY), and Roulette, (NY).  She has composed work for The String Orchestra of Brooklyn.

Upcoming record with Charlemagne Palestine TBA soon!